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Jaume Drudis

Jaume Drudis is the culinary and restaurant director from Bruixes de Burriac by Jaume Drudis restaurant and the Grup Claustre.

He started its culinary career at an early age and he turned the third of the Lleida —his home town— cookers’ generation. His father was his mentor and teacher and he learnt from him the classic cuisine values and its evolution.

In 1990 he got the Angel Moncusi prize for the better young cooker from the Federación de Hostelería de Lleida, which allowed him to continue his studies in Bordeaux. Once he finished his studies there, he came back to Spain and work in awarded restaurants, like the ones being in the Michelin Guide. For example, he was in Neichel, Freixa o Chez Vous.

In 1996 he travelled to Germany and took part of the R + D team in the Centre of Excelence of Unilever. Here he specialized in the cooking research, sense perception, concept development and products areas. Thanks to all of this, he joined several multidisciplinary teams and lead different projects, mainly in Europe and United States.

Jaume Drudis chef, due to his five-continent travels’ influence, has developed projects with different technologies in the categories of: sauces, soups, broths, dressings and other subdivisions.

In 2005 he came back to Spain as Culinary Director and Executive Chef of Unilever – Unilever Foodsolutions Spain and in 2007 he took the seat of Lead Chef R & D Deploy EU and Culinary Director of Unilever.

It was in 2011, and until 2013, when he decided to change the family restaurant into the Jaume Drudis Restaurant, in Torredembarra.